What is Meter Data Analytics?
Mar 12 , 2021

What is meter data analytics? It refers to using statistical analysis method to process, model and calculate a large number of original metering data collected by smart meters, and then extract useful information and form conclusions. By mining the inherent correlation and deep value of meter data, it can provide decision support for the commercial operation, power grid planning and operation maintenance of utility companies, so as to make the decision more scientific and insightful.

In general, electricity meters collect data such as electricity consumption and event records, which are transmitted to MDMS through communication module and DCU, and MDMS (Meter Data Management System) will analyze the data. The data uploaded by the DCU can be divided into three types: timed data uploading, data uploading under MDMS command, and active reporting in case of important events. 

MDMS will check the rationality of the data, and calculate and analyze the data according to the user's configuration requirements, realize power consumption monitoring, implement TOU pricing, load management, line loss analysis, and finally achieve automatic meter reading, peak-load shifting, and electricity theft prevention, load forecasting and saving electricity costs.

TOPSCOMM have a full set of data acquisition equipment and analysis systems, such as electricity meters, communication modules, DCU, MDMS, etc. We can provide and develop solutions according to your requirements.

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